Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Passengers

Have I failed to mention my two VIP passengers, R&R? How could I, as they are the ones that are helping me to navigate the roads!

Doubt - the Enemy's favorite tool. Bouts of this malady have been assaulting me lately.
'Don't R&R deserve 2 drivers?'
'Am I meant to be a sole traveler all of my life?'
'Would anyone one want to be a fellower traveler with me?'
'Don't R&R deserve better?'
'Where would I get the energy for another driver?'
'Am I too wierd to want to drive with?'

God, can you help me with these doubts? Please?


Blogger Twyla said...

Loneliness. It’s one of the main identifiers of the human condition. We all suffer from it, different ways in different seasons. And it sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? Everything is just peachy, then WHAM it hits you dead center and you never saw it coming.

God comforts best, but let me add my thoughts to the mix. You essentially asked two questions. Don’t R&R deserve a second parent and do you deserve a companion. Funny how you word it. The inference is that, of course R&R do, but as for myself…

I want to tell you two things you already know but perhaps need to hear again.
#1 R&R need to be loved, nurtured, protected and cherished. This they have in abundance in you. It doesn’t take two parents for this, although having someone to share the struggles and the joys with is nice. Being raised by two parents is no guarantee. Abuse or indifference can hurt you just as deeply by two parents as by one. It’s the love you get from the caregiver you have that matters.
#2 Do you deserve a companion? Do you deserve to be loved, appreciated, cherished? Of course you do. You are a beautiful, amazing woman. You have gifts and talents that you haven’t even tapped into yet. You are a work of art in process. And you already are loved, appreciated and cherished…by friends, family, your children and most importantly God. Will you one day have a companion on this journey? I don’t doubt it, but I know one thing - you don’t NEED one. You are complete, perfect just as you are. And if the time is right and you are ready and God provides someone for you, it will just be icing on the cake. And you know, cake doesn’t really need icing. It can enhance a good cake, but a rich, moist cake sings well alone. So…where would you get the energy? It will come on its own. Are you too weird? Good Lord, girl, everyone is weird. Who wants to be white bread boring anyway?

And by the way, I am a fellow traveler, even though I’m not in the car with you. P&L

2:20 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks, Sis - I needed to hear that. You have helped to ground me. I shared some of your thoughts with my friend, Steve, and he said 'Great minds think alike!', and that he agreed with you 100%. Your love and insight mean more to me than you know.

6:33 PM  

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