Friday, December 10, 2004

Tour Guide

Tour guide - not 2 works I would have every associated with me, but, here at age 39, I have my own private Tour Guide. Watcher, Protector, Savior, Friend - there is no better Tour Guide for me in the world. Just yesterday, He delayed our departure from home, saving us 3 times: once from a homeless man sleeping in a truck next to our parking space; next from an accident at the first intersection; finally from a horrible accident a few blocks up the road. I am convinced that the departure delay and detour saved not only our lives from harm, but our very lives. We sang praises to Him all the rest of the way!
Where will our next destination be? We don't know, but he does, and I know, finally, that the driving is now in Someone Else's hand!


Blogger Twyla said...

He is Sovereign. That has been such a comfort to me so many times in my life. He watches over us tenderly and knows all our days and hours. Nothing penetrates His protective shield unless He says so. And His motive is always love. We can trust Him. Even when hard times come... those bumps in the road, the detours, the construction, when we get lost... we can cling to Him, knowing that all things work together for our good.

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