Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Dark Tunnel

Every long journey involves some tunnels, doesn't it? Yet even the anticipation and knowledge of this doesn't take away from the shock of the darkness.

'Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil.....'

Sudden changing of lanes, road construction, and automobile accidents are equally shocking to the system.

Heaviness of heart and soul, disappointment in myself, the passing of time - these are inevitable as a human being, but none the less no easier to bear. Yet, each time, these are a result of not doing the necessary preventative maintenance (i.e. reading and meditating on the Word, spending time with Him every day, confessing and repenting). How can I rebuke the Jews of the Old Testament for disobeying God over and over, when I do the same?

Why does He bother with me? A broken vessel like me? What do I have to give? Why can't I get it?

My soul is silently screaming "Help Me, Father!" He hears, but His timing is not ours.

I am going to pull over and send up some flares for SOS. If you see one, please send help ASAP.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Tour Guide

Tour guide - not 2 works I would have every associated with me, but, here at age 39, I have my own private Tour Guide. Watcher, Protector, Savior, Friend - there is no better Tour Guide for me in the world. Just yesterday, He delayed our departure from home, saving us 3 times: once from a homeless man sleeping in a truck next to our parking space; next from an accident at the first intersection; finally from a horrible accident a few blocks up the road. I am convinced that the departure delay and detour saved not only our lives from harm, but our very lives. We sang praises to Him all the rest of the way!
Where will our next destination be? We don't know, but he does, and I know, finally, that the driving is now in Someone Else's hand!