Monday, October 25, 2004

Time Marches On

5 years - I can't believe it. At 4:57 p.m. today, my baby will be 5 years old. Where have these 5 years gone? She is the apple of my eye, my saving grace, my little angel. It makes me so sad to see these 5 years go by - with all of the 'I wanted to be there more, and wanted her to be a baby longer' that I know is typical for a mother. I just pray that I can be worthy of her love, and raise her to be a strong Christian woman. I don't remember a life without her - this is coming from a woman who didn't want to be a Mom, didn't think I would be good at it, didn't think I had what it took. Obviously God thought different, didn't he? Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with this little miracle.