Friday, September 17, 2004

To Be Or Not To Be - A Daddy?

On the way to work today, listening, as I always do on the way to work, to KRKS, the Christ based talk radio station here in Denver, it hit me again. They were speaking of family values, and emphasized that the family unit, as God created and intended it was for children to have a Mother and Father. When I hear the word Daddy, or someone talk about their children's father, my heart aches for my precious children, who don't have a father. Oh, how I long for them to have a Godly father, one who loves God and Christ first, their mommy (me) second, and them third. He would have to love them just as if they were his own flesh and blood, and have a deep and abiding commitment to them. I pray, that if it is God's will, that they will have one.
If, however, this isn't in God's plan for us, we are, and will remain a strong, Christ based family. The children have only known me, and therefore don't have the disadvantage of having had a Daddy and then not having one. There is so much love between the 3 of us, for each other, for God, for our family, and for our Church family - who could ask for more? I have made it my mission to give them all the love and non-materialistic strengths that I can. They are my miracles, and I praise God every day for entrusting them to my care.
So, if my Father, God, plans a Daddy for my precious R&R, then so be it. If not, we will live happily ever after, now, and in Heaven!


Blogger Twyla said...

Laura, you are one of the best moms I know. Your kids are blessed, blessed, blessed! They are experiencing no lack. If God brings you a husband, then it will be good.(as long as He is the center) And if He doesn't bring you a husband, it will be good. The point is, God is the center of your lives and He will make up the lack. He will provide every need. And He has certainly provided R&R very well in giving them you for a parent. They are loved, nurtured and nourished with wisdom, attention and playfulness. What lucky kids! Want to adopt me?

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