Monday, September 13, 2004

There's No Place Like Home...........

We are back from Kansas, after the best visit we have ever had there. God is so good, isn’t he? Mavis was extremely generous enough to fly to Denver just to drive back with us (okay, so she, like Lucy and John have doubts about my driving – oh, well) – just kidding. What a blessing that was! The trip went really fast, and, as I was falling asleep during the first 2 hours that I drove, Mavis ended up doing almost all the driving. We got to listen to a book on tape, by Sue Grafton (neither of us were too impressed) and got to talk a lot. Mavis is such a tremendously giving person, and has a great sense of humor – I really enjoy being with her.
We got to Topeka at about 9:30 p.m., and Doug and Mavis had invited us to spend the night at their house. It was the best nights sleep that I have had since I can’t remember when. Doug and Mavis went way above and beyond to make us feel at home, and we were treated better than any 5 star hotel could have treated us! Richard woke up and said ‘Mommy, I love Uncle Doug and Aunt Mavis’ house.’ Of course they were both thrilled when they saw Mavis at the Airport and Doug at his house. Let’s face it – Buffy, Willie, and Teacher were showered with more attention and love from R&R than they cared for – R&R are crazy about those dogs! Mommy, however, is afraid of dogs (sad, but true.)
Richard, Romelia and I drove to Mom and Dad’s Saturday at 1 p.m. We spent the afternoon unpacking and being in town with Mom. That night we had the best visit we have ever had with Eric and Lori, who graciously let me invite us to have supper with them. What a delicious meal we had, and a wonderful time to boot! We couldn’t leave before Aunt Lori read R&R a goodnight story, and before Uncle Eric played cars with Richard. When Eric fell asleep during the story, I figured it was time to go!
We went to church with Mom and Dad on Sunday, and had a great service. We spent the rest of the day being together and running to town (for our daily coffee!) Mom and I were regulars at Trails Café’! On Monday we spent the day with Mom and went to Sheila and Steve’s (yes, yes, I invited us there, too – I wonder where I got that boldness from, Dad?) Hands down it was the best visit we have ever had with Sheila and Steve – very relaxing, and R&R got to go nuts in Jade’s toy room. After Steve got home, we all went out to feed the kitties, then to see Sadie, their horse, then to feed the catfish (that was so COOL!) As if that wasn’t enough, Richard got to ride with Uncle Steve in their paddleboat (Princess Romelia decided she was a bit too fatigued for that). He had a blast! To top it off, they got to play on Jade’s swing set. What a beautiful and peaceful farm Sheila and Steve have – well deserved!
On Tuesday evening we drove to Topeka and went swimming with Doug, Mavis, and Martha, then had pizza and veggies outside – it was so nice! We spent the night at the Doug and Mavis 5 Star Hotel again (no, I didn’t invite myself, this one was actually Doug’s idea!) We then spent Wednesday morning at Gage Park, going to the Rose Garden, playing on the playground equipment, riding the carousel and train, and going to the zoo. It was a lot of fun, and so wonderful of Doug and Mavis to take the day off to be with us. We got back to Mom and Dad’s at about 2 p.m., and spent time doing things around the house until Mom got home from the nursing home services. Thursday we spent together, visiting Mom’s friends and being together.
On Friday, Tony came to Mom and Dad’s, and, again, it was the single best visit we have ever had with Tony. It was so great of him to drive there to spend time with us. He was able to stay until Sunday afternoon, which was great. On Saturday we spent the morning at home, then visited Bertha and Floyd, Mom and Dad’s friends – what great people they are! Our trip was filled with lots sharing, talking, visiting Mom’s friends, going for coffee, and lots of love and attention. I also got to talk a lot with Angie and Tim while I was there – wonderful heart to heart talks.
I was extremely spoiled with fresh vegetables from Bertha and Floyd, Mom and Dad’s friends (the BEST zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes I have ever had!) We ended up leaving on Monday morning, with plenty of time to get back and unpack and rest before work on Tuesday. I praise God for our safe trip and all the healing and restoration that happened. He is AWESOME, isn’t he?


Blogger Twyla said...

Wow, your trip was a success in every way! I'm so glad for you, if a little jealous. I'm jealous that you're (a little bit) closer, so can visit a bit easier, and also your ability to have these good visits. That is so hard for me. I have been too far for too long. I always feel like the odd man out, a veritable stranger in my own family. And since I am shy and have a real struggle with new people, having time with family is a real strain for me. I so want to be there, but at the same time its hard. I'm glad you have a better experience of family. It warms my heart.

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